EAWS - Electric Arc Wire Spray

thick coatings

Thermal Projection:

In this process, an electric arc is established which causes the fusion of two wires continuously fed . By means of a jet of high pressure air is projected molten metal onto the substrate .

With this process coatings are usually produced intrinsic porosity of about 3 %, and the levels of adhesion of 40 MPa . The typical thickness of the coatings produced with this technology is between 300 and 2.000μm .


Increased longevity of the components
Cost reduction
Reduced downtime / maintenance
Increased overall productivity
Better product quality

Materials and Metal Alloys:

Mo99.9+, Cu5Al, Ni20Cr, AISI420, AISI316, Liga C-276, etc…


Adapt and improve surfaces for applications that will be submitted , giving them characteristics:

EAWS - Durit Coatings - revestimentos técnicos