Ceramic Materials

APS - Atmospheric Plasma Spraying

thin coatings

Thermal Projection

The process basically relies on the introduction of the raw material in particulate form within the plasma jet , in order to accelerate them and fuse.

The process is based on the formation of plasmogen means , from the dissociation and ionization of the gas by a high-power electric arc (about 80KW ) between a cathode and a tubular anode. The gas flow rate generated is high, in the order of 1000 m / s , from the exit of the torch, the gas tending to return to its normal energy state ( lowest energy ) again forming an associating highly exothermic reaction 


Increased longevity of the components
Cost reduction
Reduced downtime / maintenance
Increased overall productivity
Better product quality

Ceramic Materials:

Al2O3; TiO2; Al2O3/TiO2; Cr2O3; Cr2O3/TiO2; Cr2O3/SiO; ZrO2/CaO; ZrO2/MgO; ZrO/YO/CeO; ZrO2/Y2O3.


Adapt and improve surfaces for applications that will be submitted , providing characteristics of :