Developing solutions for our customers using new materials and coating technologies is one of our core values. The rigor and continuous evolution that we maintain in knowledge and technology allow us to meet the expectations of our customers. We are driven by our customers and we define ourselves by the permanent development of applications and the quality policy.


A key element for the success of DURIT COATINGS ® products is the introduction of innovative technologies in the research and development of coatings. It allows their characteristics to be simulated and evaluated visually and functionally before being produced. All these processes are carried out with rigor and insight to offer the customer the best possible product.


DURIT COATINGS ® has a strong product development policy, which has allowed it to develop more than 50 coatings, made to different customer needs and application requirements, thus being registered in around 26 commercial brands.
Growth and innovation are essentially driven by our research and development. These developments are done internally or in external partnerships because there is a clear innovation strategy in the network.
The various national and international projects developed are an example of this.


To be a company recognized internationally for its ability to develop innovative solutions using advanced materials, surface treatment and complex geometry components.


To focus innovation activity on the development of new surface treatment and engineering solutions.

To focus on developing excellent products that contribute to the sustainability of our clients’ products and industrial processes.

To focus on innovation as a process that provides knowledge.


Innovation and development of technological solutions for coatings and surface treatment on industrial components.


DURIT COATINGS ®´s main strategic objective is to launch a disruptive innovation at least every 3 years.

Quality and Innovation Policy

The company’s core value is industrial practice with high social responsibility.
We produce, develop and promote applications of advanced materials with a strong component of nanostructured coatings using state-of-the-art technologies.
We dedicate time and resources, both human and material, to perfecting technologies and valuing our employees, in order to create an environment that fosters innovation and the continuous improvement of the SGQIDI (Quality and RDI Management System).
We believe that the development of new products and technological solutions, as well as the search for and inclusion of new processes, using our own resources or in partnership, with recourse to national and European programs, also based on stimulating internal creativity, is an ongoing activity.
As DURIT COATINGS ® is committed to the permanent adoption of a methodology that favors environmentally compatible solutions and provides added value for our customers, improving our competitiveness, complying with the requirements of environmental legislation, legislation applicable to the product and regulatory standards, we seek to achieve high customer satisfaction and exceed the expectations of all stakeholders, focusing on the use of industrial techniques in accordance with procedures and standards that reinforce confidence in our company.

Strengthening a spirit of innovation and idea generation that guarantees employee involvement, the implementation of initiatives and knowledge management with the aim of enhancing human capital.
The development carried out by the Innovation activity is passed on to our clients through proven improved solutions.
The skills we have created and the existence of a culture of constant improvement allow us to see production for aeronautics and industrial sectors with high technical specifications, medical devices, oil & gas, food, among others, as a natural consequence and as part of a demanding industrial environment.
As a result of the Quality and Innovation Policy and the processes identified, objectives are defined that lead the company to customer satisfaction, through rigorous control of its activities in areas considered key by its Board of Directors and Quality and Innovation Group.

October 2023
The Administration


DURIT COATINGS ® has been certified by Bureau Veritas Certification according to the ISO 9001 standard since 2002.
As we work for such a demanding sector as aeronautics, in 2006 we were certified by the EN 9100 standard.
In 2009, and because innovation is one of the company’s priorities, DURIT COATINGS ® was certified by the RDI standard – Research, Development and Innovation, NP 4457:2007.

Certification EN 9100:2018 e ISO 9001:2015​

Certification IDI NP 4457:2007