Developing solutions for our customers using new materials and coating technologies is one of our core values. The rigor and continuous evolution that we maintain in knowledge and technology allow us to meet the expectations of our customers. We are driven by our customers and we define ourselves by the permanent development of applications and the quality policy.


A key element for the success of DURIT COATINGS ® products is the introduction of innovative technologies in the research and development of coatings. It allows their characteristics to be simulated and evaluated visually and functionally before being produced. All these processes are carried out with rigor and insight to offer the customer the best possible product.


DURIT COATINGS ® has a strong product development policy, which has allowed it to develop more than 50 coatings, made to different customer needs and application requirements, thus being registered in around 26 commercial brands.
Growth and innovation are essentially driven by our research and development. These developments are done internally or in external partnerships because there is a clear innovation strategy in the network.
The various national and international projects developed are an example of this.