History and Facts

DURIT COATINGS ® is an innovative company, founded in 2000. Its main activity is focused on the production of technical component coatings for industrial applications. Requires the use of high-speed thermal spraying technologies (APS, HVOF, EAWS), physical vapor deposition (PVD and PA-CVD) and Laser Cladding. 

DURIT COATINGS ® has its industrial facilities in the Industrial Park of Taveiro – Coimbra, with a covered area of about 5,000 m2.


In a first investment phase, the company took over the installation of technology to make technical coatings for the industry. In order to provide the surfaces of parts and components with properties more suited to the demands to which they will be subjected. Between them:

– Wear in the form of abrasion, erosion and friction;

– Corrosion and oxidation;

– Isolation or electrical conduction;

– Electromagnetic or thermal conduction;

– Optics;

– Biocompatibility.

DURIT COATINGS ® is guided by the highest quality standards, with competitive prices and focused on offering a differentiating solution to the customer.

Recognition of the continuous growth that DURIT COATINGS ® has had year after year, we received the distinction of PME Leader 21′, an award that motivates us to be better and to continue this incredible journey.


DURIT COATINGS ® assumes itself as a leading company in providing the entire industrial fabric of advanced material applications using thick films (thermal spraying) and thin films (PVD). Thus, one of our main missions is the development of differentiating solutions for our customers using the new materials and coating technologies on the market.

In order to enhance knowledge and continuously improve our processes, we have agreements and partnerships with institutions whose knowledge is integrated in materials science, particularly CTCV (Centre for Technology in Ceramics and Glass), Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Coimbra, Department of Materials at the University of Aveiro.

The permanent development of applications, the reliability and differentiation of the solutions we propose, the guarantee of persistence in complying with the requirements and meeting the expectations of our customers are the core values ​​of the company.

Given the high specialization of technology and knowledge that we have, we seek in our employees a taste for rigor, personal development and permanent learning.

aps technology - revestimento industrial - Durit Coatings


Our vision is to be an internationally recognized company for the ability to develop demanding, innovative solutions for our customers, using advanced material applications, coating technologies and complex geometry components.


DURIT COATINGS ® is driven by a set of highly important values ​​that are worked on every day to meet customer expectations. The values ​​are:

– Development of innovative solutions for our customers using new materials and coating technologies;

– Establishment of agreements and partnerships with national and international research and development companies/institutions whose knowledge is integrated in materials science and engineering;

– Persistence and continuous improvement in the presentation of differentiating solutions to the customer;

– Loyalty to customers and partners;

– Promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit of employees.