HVOF - High Velocity Oxi-Fuel

Thick Coatings

Thermal Projection

The process is based on continuous oxygen combustion of a fuel. Combustion gases entering a chamber , where the raw material in powder form injected axially through the flow stream of an inert gas , usually nitrogen.
The high gas pressures associated with geometries designed specifically to promote the acceleration of the same , allowing the coating material get speeds of the order of 300 m / s with a gas velocity of 2140m / s.

This process is especially designed for the application of high quality anti-wear coating , which is characterized by high hardness (approximately 1.200HV ) , low porosity (0.5-1% ) and high adhesion to the substrate (> 80 MPa) . Typical thicknesses of these applications varies between 50 and 400μm .


Increased longevity of the components
Cost reduction
Increased overall productivity
Better product quality.
Reduced downtime / maintenance ;


Mo99.9+, Cu5Al, Ni20Cr, AISI420, AISI316, Liga C-276, etc…

Thick Coatings


Adapt and improve surfaces for applications that will be submitted , giving them characteristics: